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MediClean: Comprehensive Cleaning Services for Hospitals and Medical Facilities


Why choose MediClean?

  • Accountable and professional group of companies.

  • Understanding your cleaning requirements and delivering the correct systems.

  • Trained staff in all cleaning and a management structure to support.

  • Cost effective and price sensitive to all clients large or small.

  • An environmentally conscious company which supports recycling. Ask how we can help you with our green cleaning.

  • A great team of professionals to outsource your cleaning requirements.


Our Services

MediClean offers a full range of medical cleaning services within clinical and surgical areas. With emphasis on responsible cleaning procedures towards our environment and accountability of services, MediClean can clean your theatres, clinical areas, medical suits, administration areas and even your kitchens, carparks and plant rooms.

Our management team will ensure a full service specification on all tasks, education and training for cleaning staff and ensure measurement and audit reports to ensure your facility is being cleaned with accountability.

  • Understanding Medical Facilities
  • Staff briefed in HACCP cleaning
  • Cleaning Operating Theatres
  • Sterile Environment Cleaning
  • Cleaning within CSSD Areas
  • DPC, Oncology and Aphaeresis Area
  • CT, X-ray, Pathology & Pharmacy
  • Cleaning Medical & Clinic Facilities
  • Kitchens, Cafes, Administration & Non-Operative Areas
  • Low and High Risk Areas
  • Medical Waste Providers
  • Infection Waste Handling
  • Carpark Sweeping and Scrubbing
MediClean complies with Victorian Health Dept Audits

MediClean has uniformed its audits sheets to comply with the Victorian Health Department's standard audit sheet and scoring schedule. All our medical facilities are now being audited with the new format which will assist in benchmarking and comparison of standards.

[Click here for Victorian Health Department's Guide to Cleaning Standards]

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