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In a medical facility, cleanliness is of primary importance. MediClean HS understands that and offers a full range of medical cleaning services within clinical and surgical areas. Focusing on responsible cleaning procedures towards our environment and accountability of services, MediClean HS can clean your theatres, clinical areas, medical suits, administration areas and even your kitchens, carparks and plant rooms.

MediClean HS was developed because we recognised a need for a cleaning company to specialise only in cleaning medical facilities. Since its inception, MediClean HS has managed to secure contracts which have furthered its experience in clinical and non clinical environments.

Employing only the latest in cleaning technologies, MediClean HS can evaluate your requirements and provide you with a complete system of cleaning at a very competitive price.

Targeting at infection control, MediClean HS has trained cleaning staff and a management team who strive daily to ensure the highest possible levels of cleanliness.

Our audit reports have been adopted from the Victorian State Gov. Cleaning Guide and our constant benchmarking against other hospitals guarantees top results.

With great emphasis placed on client satisfaction, MediClean HS can offer your facility a complete range of services:

  • Operating Theatres
  • Sterile Environment Cleaning
  • CSSD
  • DPC Areas
  • Cleaning Medical and Clinic Facilities
  • Pathology Cleaning Facilities
  • Administrative & Non-Operative Areas
  • Low and High Risk Areas

Enquire today to see how MediClean HS can assist you in your facility:

Phone: (03) 9646 4716
Fax: (03) 9646 0901
Address:106 Gladstone St
Southbank, Victoria
ABN: 61 604 718 505
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